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Instructor: Min Zhou

Invited speaker: Dong Han

Teaching Assistants: Chengpeng Wang, Tianchi Li, Fengmin Zhu, Qi’an Fu

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Course materials are by default in Chinese, except the ones marked with a star (*) are in English.

Week 1: Introduction (2/25)

Speaker: Zhou, Han

Downloads: slide platform-note

Week 2: Basic (3/04)

Speaker: Zhou

Downloads: note

Week 3: Lambda calculi I, algebraic data type (3/11)

Speaker: Zhu, Han

Downloads: lambda-calculus-slide* ADT-slide

Week 4: List I, thinking recursively (3/18)

Speaker: Han

Downloads: list-slide thinking-recursively-slide

Week 5: List II, higher-order function I (3/25)

Speaker: Zhou

Downloads: list-slide list-note HOF-note HOF-slide

Week 6: Higher-order function II (4/01)

Speaker: Zhou

Downloads: note slide

Week 7: Program correctness, property-based testing (4/08)

Speaker: Zhu

Downloads: slide quick-check-note

Week 8: Typeclass, lambda calculi II (4/15)

Speaker: Han, Zhu

Downloads: typeclass-slide typeclass-note

See next week for full slide of lambda calculi.

Week 9: Lambda calculi III (4/22)

Speaker: Zhu

Downloads: slide* homework homework-answer homework-remarks*

Week 10: Functor, lens (4/29)

Speaker: Han

Downloads: functor-slide lens-slide

Week 11: Applicative, monoid (5/06)

Speaker: Han

Downloads: applicative-slide monoid-slide

Week 12: Monad (5/13)

Speaker: Han

Downloads: slide-1 slide-2

Week 13: Monad, monad transformer (5/20)

Speaker: Han

Downloads: IO monad-transformer

(to be continued)

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